I Support Foundation - Best Autism School

I Support Foundation is an organization that runs a Special School and a Care Home with an idea to educate and aid development of people with Autism, manage their academics, and support them in the best possible way. I Support Foundation was founded in January 2014 by Bobby Ramani, also the sibling of a child with autism. Recognizing the need for a powerful voice, ISF, led by Bobby Ramani, has made extraordinary advancements in the Specially-abled Community. Chief among these are increased awareness of autism, better understanding of the breadth of the autism spectrum, and advocacy to increase research and access to care and support. Best Autism school in Lucknow

Our Mission

At I Support Foundation, our mission is to ensure that every individual with special needs gets a special life he or she deserves. We understand that these individuals need love and care, therefore, our Special School and Care Home in Lucknow provide the support and attention required by People with Special Abilities.

The result is a more inclusive and harmonious and nurturing environment that everyone can thrive under.

We at ISF have made it a point to fight these challenges our own way, as much as we can. Our major concerns and points of planning being the following:

  • ISF Residential Care Home : We have striven hard to ensure that every individual with Special Abilities gets proper care and attention. To this cause we now have a dedicated Residential Special School or Care Home. At our Residential Care Home, dedicated pediatric therapists treat each patient as a member of their own family and will do the same for you and your loved one. The therapies we provide are beneficial for children and adults with autism
  • Working on the Individual Education Plan for the children with disabilities. The teachers are further made to follow the plan and extensively work on the individual growth and development of each child.


  • Counseling and Support Group for Families. A lot of times, the families of Persons with Special Abilities are just a counseling session away from proper awareness in terms of their child’s mental growth and abilities. Sharing and the right guidance is all that they need. At ISF, we provide families with all the support in caring for their Special Ones.


  • Sensitization Talks and Awareness Programs are carried out in the Rural Areas to spread awareness about Autism Spectrum and other conditions. These talks are spread out around and across the causes of Autism, the isolation, the social evils tagged along with it, such as Bullying, Labeling, Early Marriage, Unplanned Pregnancy, Empowerment of Persons with Special Abilities, etc.