Anupam Bachhil

Anupam Bachhil, 37, an MBA, is now a mother and a housewife. Like any other woman, she had dreams of her own, of taking her education forward and making good use of her MBA but then she became a mother and that alone is a full-time job, isn’t it? But, she is a special mother because she gave birth to a special child, Saanvi. Saanvi, needless to say, is an adorable child. At the age of 3, Anupam ji and her husband started to notice weird behavior in Saanvi. Signs like show she couldn’t concentrate, how she wouldn’t eat, how she’d wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t show interest in anything, they started to make videos of her and consulted a psychiatrist who also happened to be a family friend. He suggested they got an EEG of Saanvi done, EEG being a test for assessing the brain wave patterns in a child, specially for seizures. Through the test, they soon found out Saanvi is a special child and had Epileptic feautures with seizures absent. Saanvi also showed a few signs of Autism. The struggle for the parents, the mother specially from that the day onwards started.

Mrs. Anupam told us how her days and nights revolve around Saanvi, as of course, she can’t be let go alone anywhere, not even for half a minute. She recalls this one day from when they were travelling and were at the Airport and Saanvi went missing trying to run around and away and that made people throw terrible stares at them. Mr. and Mrs. Bachhil told us how much they like to go out and travel and how they have given up on so much for Saanvi. Even on days they try to go out, either the lack of facilities for people with special needs in Lucknow comes in their way, or the people staring at them, making them feel awkward and supremely conscious does.  She even told how at time she and her husband discus leaving the country and moving out to a different place to start afresh, around better equipped services for people with special needs and to also be around mire sensitized people but even that involves a lot of risk since Saanvi will have to also start afresh, with a new culture, a new place and everything so they often put this decision on hold and try to move past it.

Mrs. Anupam told us how Lucknow is also lagging behind in terms of Special Schools and also on the point where most of the therapists here in the city lack affection and are mostly money-minded.

Mrs. Anupam does as much as she can to raise Saanvi up the best that she can, be it taking her to Occupational Therapy classes, or to Speech Therapy. Her day passes running around with Saanvi for her classes and Mrs. Anupam hardly has a life beyond taking care of Saanvi. Amongst all of this when we asked her about her one most favorite memory with Saanvi, she without even thinking told us it was the first time recently when Saanvi said “Mumma, aao”. Mrs. Anupam is definitely worth a hundred salutes and we extend more and more love and power to her!

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