Anupriya Gupta

Parenting is by far the most underrated job you’ll ever know. And being a single parent? Well, you probably can’t imagine until you are one. Anupriya Gupta is a single mother, who has been smashing patriarchy and breaking all barriers one by one at a time. A beautiful, strong-headed woman, Aupriya is mother to Arjun, an equally sharp kid. Ms. Anupriya started to notice unidentified behaviour issues in Arjun and one day he had a meltdown, a rather serious one. On getting his EEG and tests done it wad found out that he is a special child.  Special, in all it’s glory. When you’ll look at the paintings the the kid will do, you’ll be rather stunned.  

Anupriya did her schooling from Lamartiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow, later went to do her MBA and to Bhartiya Vidyapeeth, Pune for her further studies. Anupriya had been a working woman for around 10 years and even after Arjun was born. But, through instances she soon realized how Arjun, given his behvaviour, soon started to feel and grow aloof than her. She definitely didn’t want that, so that day she decided to quit work and chose to become a mother, fulltime.   The centre of her universe was now Arjun and she started to extensively work on him and his issues. Soon, Arjun started getting better and it allowed Anupriya to take some time out for herself and she took up a course in Special Education and is now a certified Special Educator. Anupriya, currently along with being a super mom, is also a Remedial Educator at DOSTI, Study Hall Foundation’s special wing.

How awesome is that? The world totally needs more and more women like you, Anupriya. More power!

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