Meena Verma

Adding to the list of our super inspiring mothers, we also have Meena Rana. A Software Consultant, an HR Manager, a Human Rights’ worker, a multi-tasker clearly, she has done it all. Mrs Meena by the mere age of 38 has done so much in life and is a rather independent woman already. She gave birth to Kabir and by the time he turned 2 and a half, she started to notice behavioural issues with him. He would easily get angry, easily get scared, not pay attention ever for a longer time. Mrs Meena knew she had to give up work in the first place to be able to take care of Kabir in a better way and so she did. She has been a fulltime mother ever since. Her life revolves around Kabir and it definitely gets hard. But then she told us about this one Diwali where for the first time Kabir got out of the washroom and he had washed himself on his own and on being asked who did it for him he said, “Kabir ne kiya”. Days and moments like these keep the parents of going. Mr  Meena told us how special a memory that will always remain.
There haven’t been any major changes in Kabir but he, of course, seems to have gotten a lot calmer and keeps getting better. Kabir has a special interest in numbers and is extremely sharp at Math. You name a date of any year in the past or the future and he’ll tell you what day it was/will be. Special, isn’t it? Our kids are special. They might not be the easiest to raise but are definitely to easiest to love and more than half the credits will always go to mothers like Mrs Meena Rana. More power!

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