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There are days we come across people we instantly connect to, moments we know we’ll forever cherish. 

Sakshi and her mother walked into our office one day. Sakshi got her first seizure at the age of 2. Hers isn’t a case of genetic inheritance but one of a brain injury. Cases of brain injury are severe, rather rare and unfortunate. A child in her or his early childhood years gets hurt and then the effect that it has stayed with them for life.

Although none of it takes away from the warmth and naivety of the child, EVER. Our newest family member, Sakshi, starts with her sessions next week onwards. The kind of hope her mother had in her eyes while they left is the kind of hope we need in our lives to keep going on. Meeting Sakshi got us a tad bit teary-eyed but her smile made us smile the widest.

Sakshi’s (one of our beneficiaries) dadi visited us one day to give us inputs on her growth and take some from us regarding the same. She understands Sakshi’s special needs a lot more than her parents even. It’s beautiful the magic that a grandparent’s warmth and support alone can do. Be it about the medicines, be it about her check-ups, be it her CMO certificate, her Aadhar Card, her Menstruation Cycles, her issues in the family. Dadi says if she can’t solve them all for her, she will at least be there by her side through it all.

Autism can be handled and nurtured best with understanding, empathy and love. We at ISF are glad to know a dadi like her!