Sanno Didi – Sensitisation Story

We started to come across so many moving stories from people, parents and kids who visited us that we started a special section where we were taking in record and documents stories that were motivational and noteworthy.

Sanno didi belongs to Behraich. She got married when she was 16. She first conceived when she was 18. She had 3 kids and things were good. She currently is 35 and has 6 children. That alone is a problem, isn’t it? But that is not it. 

After they had their 3rd child, her husband got into alcohol heavily. It soon started to take over his mind and temper. He got aggressive and out of his mind. It, more than everything, affected his family life and Sanno didi. He put her through emotional abuse, physical abuse and also almost forced her into conceiving again already. Even during her pregnancy, she was put through major domestic violence. 
The effect of the domestic violence and emotional abuse directly affected her mental health and the children. 
Anjum was born when Sanno didi was about 21. Anjum hardly seemed normal in terms of growth. Sanno didi used to also beat Anjum up of frustration when she wouldn’t follow her words. Anjum used to often keep falling while walking. One day when Sanno didi got annoyed at this, she asked Anjum about this in a way scolding her. A scared Anjum said “Maa, mujhe tum dikhti nahin ho.” 

Sanno did then realised that Anjum also has visual incapability, along with mental retardation. Then soon, within a gap of 1 year each, Sanno didi was made to give birth to 2 other children, Sabina and Sartaj. The issues never seemed to go away. They persisted in all the 3 children that were born after the domestic violence. Anjum didi currently lives with her mother. The children have disabilities, have low self-esteem alongside it all and have never been sent to school mostly because of ignorance, insensitivity and lack of resources. 

Sanno didi’s mother earlier this morning visited us at ISupport Foundation, seeking help on this. 
We were deeply saddened looking at how adorable the children are and how they have lost the best years of their childhood because of what their mother went through and something that is not their fault. 
We at ISF, after looking into the case have taken responsibility of getting the paperwork for all the children along with Anjum didi done. Our first priority shall be getting the eyesight of the children taken care of at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. We also plan to train Anjum didi, empower her, lift her morale up and give her a job at our centre if she plans on staying back in Lucknow.

We at ISF also strongly take a stand against Domestic Violence. It’s high time something is done about an evil that resides in our society that we often overlook.

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