Stories of Change with ISF

Meet Naveen, an 18 years young boy, the most active and obedient student at I Support Day Care Centre who will change the way you think about Disability & Depression! Naveen joined the center only 6 months back and has shown remarkable progress and growth since then.

However, things were not all rosy for Naveen before, life took a jolt when he lost his mother 2 years back. Losing a mother at any age is a tremendous loss and so was for Naveen who subsided to depression, stopped talking, and taking interest in anything. The scratch mark on his face? It is a result of his constant peeling of skin using his thumb.

Naveen today is quite active in reading, writing and takes great interest in music & dancing. His father is immensely happy and proud of him. Naveen is a perfect example that is bringing the essence loud and clear “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do, succeed and come out with flying colors.”

I Support Foundation : Special School in Lucknow

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