Why do we need volunteers?

We have a vision to make autistic individuals self dependent and capable of looking after themselves without anyone’s support in the real world. As a team we will require the organization to grow in new ways and build capacity to be a sustaining organization to accelerate progress in science and support individuals with special needs and their families over a lifetime. This will require investment in people, infrastructure and process in order to operate as a best in class non-profit organization. Occupational Therapy in Lucknow

Alongside, the many evils that are engulfing our society, there are certain issues we overlook. Issues that get tagged along if one is a differently-abled person or a parent of one. Mothers often think to themselves “Mere karam kuch kharaab hi rahe honge jo aisi aulaad mujhe mili.” The children are often referred to as ‘Abhishaap’ (curse) and are made fun of by other children. There are people who may or may not be doing that on purpose but they have seeds of doing so inside of them. They don’t realize the negative impact that this leaves. They don’t think how much being laughed at can affect the growth or self-esteem of a person with mental retardation. They don’t realize they have technically just bullied a person. One of our bigger aims is to make Lucknow a diffrently-abled friendly city, with eateries, gyms, parks and all such public places very much friendly and healthy for Persons with Disabilities (PWD).

We at ISF, are doing our bit towards these aims, fighting the social evils revolving around people with disabilities. We thoroughly believe that the youth of a society is the most powerful and sensitized lot and so we are seeking Volunteers and Interns for our organization. Our priority issues engaging the youth of the city are as following:

  • Conducting Sessions and Sensitization Talks on Autism and related issues.
  • Location Tapping (Towards making Lucknow a differently-abled city)
  • Helping us in Activities at the our Day Boarding Centre
  • Designing (Space for our children or also in terms of Graphics, etc.)
  • Photography and Documentaion of our Stories and Events (Pictures, Posters, Videos, etc.)

Autism is a very sensitive issue. Working around it involves a lot of sense and stability. We’d love to have on board people who are definitely sensitized towards Autism and understand the importance of debunking the myths around it.

Want to contribute to the society and volunteer?