We Offer : Best Special Child Education Classes

We know people with autism live better lives when they’re engaged in their communities– learning and having fun. We create programs, with community partners, to enrich the lives of young children and adults with autism, along with their families.  The result is a more inclusive and joyous Lucknow. Best Special Child Education Classes in Lucknow

It is best practice to begin autism services as soon as possible following a diagnosis.

At ISF, we understand the needs of special children. Our Specialized Services are designed to meet the unique needs of children and families severely affected by Autism Spectrum.
We offer the following services:
ABA Program ● Behavior Modification ● Speech & Language Therapy ● Culinary Therapy
● Core Development Program ● Play Therapy

Occupational Therapy in Lucknow

Day Care Home in Lucknow

Autistic people vary greatly in their support needs. The right kind of support, therefore, is imperative. Hostel Facility for Special Children in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

We, at ISF, strive hard to ensure that every individual with Special Abilities gets proper care and attention. To this cause, we now have a dedicated Residential Special School or Care Home. At our Residential Care Home, dedicated pediatric therapists treat each patient as a member of their own family. The therapies we provide are beneficial for children and adults with autism. We provide the following facilities here:

Hygienic Environment ● Nutritious Food

● 24x7 Security ● Experienced in-house Therapists ● Qualified Care Givers

Shadow Teacher in Lucknow

Shadow teachers are co-teachers or para-educators, who monitor and assist a specific child’s progress in class. In India, they are often assigned to children with special needs. They sit with the child in a regular classroom and make sure that the child is given proper social, educational, and physical support.

This program will help understand the reasons for, preventative measures for, and care-giving requirements for the many common manifestations as a result of living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Best Shadow Teacher in Lucknow.

We will delve  into dealing with challenging behaviors and communication barriers as a result of living with Autism, as well as the impact of your role as an “Autism Care Specialist.” Special Child Education Classes in Lucknow